Vision Statement: Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known

We want to grow into a church where every activity, service, and fellowship opportunity is all about Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known.

Mission Statement: Ada CRC is a Christ-centered community that welcomes, worships, and grows--a place to find hope.

Ada CRC is a Christ-centered community . . .

As a community we are followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. We believe that Jesus is the Son of God and that all people can come to God through him. 

that welcomes . . .

We strive to live hospitably so that all who attend a service or other church event will feel welcomed and valued.

worships . . . 

Knowing Jesus and Making Jesus Known naturally leads to a life of praise. Our response to God's amazing gifts to us through Christ is worship. Through the message and music, we seek to glorify God and celebrate His faithfulness to us.

grows . . . 

We seek the Holy Spirit's leading in all we do and strive to live our lives following Christ's example. We experience spiritual growth as we share our faith, knowledge, and grace with others. As a church we look forward to growing as God uses our ministry Making Jesus Known to others and invites them into the Christ-centered community we enjoy being a part of.

a place to find hope.

This is a place filled with brothers and sisters in Christ--a family. Here, we find loving support, caring comfort, and friends to walk alongside us in good and bad times.

Together as a community of young and old, long-term church goers and those just seeking out who Christ is, we reflect on the gospel.Together we find the amazing hope that is found in Knowing Jesus.